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What is Ezlinq?

Ezlinq is a digital business card platform that offers a suite of products to help businesses grow their personal brand and awareness.

How does ezlinq help businesses grow?

Ezlinq provides businesses with a variety of tools and services, including custom digital business cards, social media integration, and online portfolio building, to help them promote their brand and increase their online presence.

Is ezlinq easy to use?

Yes, ezlinq has been designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all businesses, regardless of their technical expertise.

Can ezlinq help me reach new customers?

Yes, by improving your online presence and promoting your brand, ezlinq can help you reach new customers and expand your customer base.

Does ezlinq ship worldwide?

Yes, ezlinq ships its products worldwide.

Does ezlinq offer an affiliate program?

Yes, ezlinq does offer an affiliate program, allowing businesses to earn money by promoting ezlinq to their network. 

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What other products does ezlinq offer?

Ezlinq offers custom digital business cards, customizable QR codes, and a networking platform for individuals and businesses. and more, all aimed at helping businesses grow their personal brand and increase their online visibility.