Become an Ezlinq 


Partner through Ezlinq's Ambassador Program to generate new revenue 

while helping Ezlinq's community grow better.

Program Overview


Commission Rate

Flat rate: 30% commission on any sale that comes from a person clicking on your referral link

Recurring rate: 30% commission on subscriptions to Ezlinq's paid plans


Average Month One Earnings

Ezlinq's products range from $20 to $50.

& pro plans range from $5-$10 a month

Plus, customers tend to purchase more than one product at a time.

So, these payouts could add up quickly!


Cookie Window

Our generous cookie window maximizes the commissions affiliates earn on sales they influenced.

The customer who clicks your referral link has 90 days to order a product for it for count towards your commission instead of 30 days like most companies

How It Works:

Join the Program

Submit your application through our affiliate platform, to begin.

Promote Ezlinq

Use your affiliate links to promote Ezlinq's products and software via blog articles, email newsletters, banner ads, and other digital content.

Earn Commissions

Earn a share of the revenue for every qualifying customer you refer.

Want to refer clients?

The ambassador program is for promoting Ezlinq within content. Therefore, you cannot receive a commission for referring clients in the affiliate 


If you're a consultant, agency, or other service provider and work 1:1 with clients to help them implement new systems and grow their business, 

then our Solutions Partner Program is the place for you!