Choosing a Digital Business Card: EZLINQ vs. Popl

Choosing a Digital Business Card: EZLINQ vs. Popl

Choosing a Digital Business Card: EZLINQ vs. Popl

In today's digital age, the most important thing when networking and promoting your business or brand is to ensure your social media, website, & contact info is available to everyone you come across.


These advancements in technology are bringing an era where sharing & typing all of that information one by one is becoming non existent. It’s all about SPEED NOW. Maybe you’re at an event meeting a prospect or potential business partner, or just a quick exchange at a party with friends — sharing your contact info should be as easy as tapping or scanning your phone.


However, it’s not just your name and phone number that are important. Social media profiles, payment information, and other personalized details about yourself should be available in a dash. Think of all this information as your "digital reusable business card".


There are tons of options for choosing a digital business card, but in this article, we compare two popular providers: EZINQand Popl.

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is an online way of sharing contact information. With the growing popularity of QR codes, it's common to see QR codes on old fashioned physical business cards to directly connect people to your digital world.


Two big players in the digital business card world are EZLINQ & Popl. Both services provide a fast and reliable way to share information, but after comparing them in depth, the strongest option for your needs is EZLINQ. Let’s break down both providers, then tell you why:

EZLINQ's easy to use platform & interface allows you to easily share your social media, payment option, contact information, and other information right from the back of your phone. Imagine meeting a new customer or friend and you needed to share that information quickly; well, EZLINQ streamlines the entire process.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create your EZLINQ Profile -
Register to create your own mobile landing page, EZLINQ profile, and customize it according to your passion or business. Choose from a free plan or one of our affordable plans that allow you to spice up your profile & stand out

2. Order an Ezlinq Product -
 Visit our online shop to choose a product that connects to your EZLINQ profile. Choose our Ezlinq Tag for as little as $15 or another product that matches your taste & style. 

3. Start creating better connections - NOW you have a "digital reusable business card" that saves you time, money & allows you to stand out from everyone else. You'll also get a personal QR code that you can put on physical business card or flyers incase you want to canvass an area & leave promotional material.

How Popl works

Popl offers similar capabilities for creating a digital business card and other products embedded with your QR code.

Here’s how it works:


1. Choose a Popl product. Whether you need a simple digital card or promotional products such as keychains, Popl provides a range of products.


2. Download the app. To make a mobile landing page connected to your Popl tag, you’ll need to pay $7.99 a month to ensure your business profile is connected.


3. Activate your Popl. Once you’ve received your Popl device, activate it on your profile in the app.


4. Start Connecting. Tap your device to another Popl tag. People who tap your Popl will need to turn on their NFC settings before they can tap to scan.

Popl vs EZLINQ: Verdict 

Winner: EZLINQ

EZLINQ offers a more customizable, more effective digital business card solution than Popl.

EZLINQ doesn't require you to download an app

EZLINQ doesn't require you to purchase a product or pay a monthly subscription to start, YET every option that Popl has EZLINQ has. The Major Difference is you have the choice.
Whether you decide to use the free forever plan or upgrade to unleash the full power of your profile... It's just a great solution for an everlasting problem. 

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