The Only Business Card That You'll Ever Need 

A Powerful Tool For Creators & Entrepreneurs

Only one person needs a Ezlinq and everyone can connect.

No app required to share your profile. It opens in the browser.

Works with all types of phones. Both iPhone and Android.

Built to last a lifetime. Update your info as it changes.


Maximize Your Sales Potential with 

Ezlinq's Smart Business Card

1. Order an Ezlinq Product

Choose a product that connects to your EZLINQ profile. Choose our Ezlinq Tag for as little as $15 or another product that matches your taste & style.

2. Choose your Ezlinq Plan

Choose a plan & create your own Ezlinq profile and customize it according to your passion or business. Choose from a free plan or one of our affordable plans that allow you to spice up your profile & stand out.

3. Start Networking

Now your all set! 

You have a "digital reusable business card" that saves you time, money & allows you to stand out from everyone else. Time to build your sales funnel!


Social Media

Connect your social media profiles to your digital business card, making it easy for your audience to follow you on all preferred platforms quickly.


Get insights into how your digital business card is performing, including the number of views, clicks, and shares. 

Embed Videos

Embed videos directly onto your digital business card to showcase your products or services. 

Redirect Links

Add external links to your digital business card and drive traffic to any landing page or website. 

Generate QR codes

Add a QR code of any link or page to your digital business card, or create printable QR codes to use on marketing material.

Embed Affilate Links

Add stylish affiliate links to your digital business card and earn commission on every sale.


Track Leads

With our CRM integration, you can automate your follow-ups immediately after the first contact with a prospect. This means that you can focus on building relationships with your customers instead of spending time on manual follow-ups.

Send Messages

With our SMS texting integration, you can connect with your audience via text message, delivering relevant content and offers that will move them closer to a sale

Chatbot Automation 

Add a chatbot to your digital business card and allow your audience to get answers to their questions instantly. With a chatbot, you can save time and deliver better customer service.

Still Have Questions About Our Features?